Danae Paparis
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Olivet Church

Olivet Church: O.F.F Day!

Community outreach | Fundraising | Campaign | Group Project

In collaboration with team members Yoon-Ji Kim, Ismael Sobek and Lucy Mou

The Olivet Baptist Church was once a musical and cultural hub in the heart of the Hill District, but after years of neglect and transitions of ownership, the building has lost its grandeur. We saw an opportunity for the Church to reconnect with both its past and its community, inspired by the building’s history. Our goal was to promote the prosperity, longevity, and integrity of Olivet Baptist Church, its community, and its principles.

We planned, fundraised, and built what would become an annual music fundraising event for the church. Inspired by its rich musical history, we wanted to bring it back and bring the community together. We calling the event "O.F.F. Day!" which stands for Olivet Fun Fest Day. 

My Role:

I acted as the fundraising manager, project manager, and communications coordinator. I facilitated our high level conversations and created intial sketches and brainstorm materials to bring the team together on the same page. Making sure campaigns, community communication and project timelines were running smoothly, with the help from my incredible team and support from our professors, we had a successful event


  • Conducted in depth interviews with the Reverend and community members to understand the history of the church and its impact in the community
  • Created videos, a website, and printed materials for the event
  • Launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise capital to pull off the first ever event. From there, the festival was be ticketed and all proceeds went go to the church and Reverend Munson who runs it.
  • We asked local artists and musicians to donate art and services to auction off, and to perform for the ticketed event
  • We wrote grants to fundraise for construction specific needs to renovate the church exterior
  • Charities and services had tables at the front of the event, and were able to provide information to the community
  • The team with the help of our professor, Dylan Vitone, sourced materials and tools to build a custom outdoor stage that can be re-used for future events in the church yard
  • Large, timeline posters showing the history of The Hill District and it's deep roots in music
  • Sourced food donations from local grocery stores to provide grilled food, snacks and drinks for the community

Update: The second event was held in the spring of 2017, a year after our team graduated!

Feel free to visit our process blog here, and please check out the Olivet Church GoFundMe page!