Danae Paparis
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FEmale: IronWomen Program

Research | Education | Visual Design

Prompt: Design a way to teach something to some group of people

My goal: Teach women the mechanics of weightlifting, and inspire the confidence to continue towards their fitness goals

Deliverables: Workshop lesson plan, Lesson plan app, FEmale jump start package

You can feel free to check out the process of this project on my Medium blog post here.


The Project

This project was the culmination of a semester long course that dove into the psychological processes of how we as humans learn. Taught by Professor Stacie Rohrbach, the course, Learner's Experience in Design, dove into different teaching methodologies and principles. We unpacked the best ways to learn and retain information, and unpacked how design facilitates those processes (in either good or bad ways). From there, I decided to focus on one topic near and dear to me, and explored what a full teaching system could look like for women's strength training and fitness education.

I designed a program that sets up women from all fitness levels to be successful on their path to learning about strength training. Instead of an isolated approach that is most usually found on the market today (an app, a class, a personal trainer, a buddy system) I decided to combine all approaches into a mega approach that can appeal to all different comfort levels and learning styles. 

The Approach

To start the IronWomen program, women sign up to be taught their fundamentals in a 3-part workshop program. The workshops are taught by a network of female trainers, who are certified and vetted to be able to teach other women about proper form, programs, nutrition and workout combinations.

After the first workshop, women are encouraged to continue mastering what they learned on their own by utilizing the starter kit that includes a foam roller and lacrosse balls for mobility, strength bands for flexibility and resistance training, and other accessories to get them set up. They have an app that acts as a journal, support network, inspiration and reminders, as well as a point of contact to IronWomen trainers if they come across a snag in their program. The final 2 workshops are meant to be check-ins to support progress and encourage women to continue on their fitness journey.

The full scope of the program teaches in stages, allowing time to master different strength form and exercises, and offers a support network that continues educating the users wherever they are throughout their process.

Examples of the application.

Examples of the application.

Used to present project concept, I used placeholder images for the "Body weight" resource section. Images from: Google Images

Examples of the Trainer's Guide used to onboard the female personal trainers that will be supporting the users of the program.


You can find the process for this project on my Medium blog post here.