Danae Paparis

Book Covers

Book Covers

Graphic Design | Typographic Systems


I was given a challenge to design book covers for a series by Christopher Alexander. The focus of the discussions is complexity and contradiction in architecture. My goal was to design covers that visually represent the layers of complexity in the works of three de-constructivist architects, Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, and Bernard Tschumi; and at the same time highlight each artist’s individual style, personality and voice. 

The covers’ layers are a metaphor for the layers of complexity. The laser cut designs are one of a few methods used to showcase the architects’ individuality, through choosing textural gestures that are unique to each.


I started this project by tracing the gestures of the buildings these architects are famous for. The strong lines and forms created a voice that was unique to each architect, and I wanted to frame these differences in a similar way. By going this, people would be able to see the geometric differences between the styles and voices of the architects. 

We had constraints to only use three colors (paper color included), and only one typeface family. A lot of my process was honing in on the appropriate typeface and color scheme. After a lot of exploration, I decided to go towards the tone and voice of a coffee shop conversation, where the architects would become approachable in a casual dialogue with the author, Christopher Alexander. The paper color played with warm tans and cool grays in order to provide contrast between the layers of conversation the author dove into, and the layers of shape and geometry the architects utilized in their styles.

The patterns are abstractions from the silhouettes the windows of the buildings these architects are famous for. Because of this, I chose to laser cut these shapes within their graphic frames.