Danae Paparis


Hi! I’m Danae (the-nigh).

A User Experience Researcher based in Pittsburgh, PA.


 UX Researcher by trade, designer by study, and storyteller by nature. My work is primarily two-fold. First, understand people. And then, be their voice.

I'm a User Experience Researcher at Thermo Fisher Scientific, and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. I majored in Design, concentrated in Social and Decision Sciences, and minored in photography.

I have a passion for understanding people. Whether it’s through my research or my art, my work is human centered, and I love writing about my experiences. Through collaborative projects, organizing teams, interviewing end-users, or capturing humans through a camera lens, I continue to explore how people experience the world.

Outside of work, I’m a dog-obsessed foodie who is super family oriented. Usually you can find me snapping pictures, creating new items for my Society6 page and exploring Pittsburgh coffee shops with my human, Shawn :)

Feel free to contact me anytime: danaepaparis@gmail.com